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OTM: What Are Healthcare Employers Looking for in Candidates?

Many of the healthcare candidates we work with often ask us what employers are truly looking for in the new team members they want to hire. We often ask this same question to our employer partners as we begin our search for the right candidates for their positions. Here are the top 3 most common responses that we get:

1. Flexibility – In the rapidly changing and advancing world of healthcare, hiring managers are looking for candidates who welcome change and are open to new approaches to care. Additionally, candidates who are open to flexible work hours including occasional on-call and weekend shifts, are highly sought after by healthcare employers.

2. Positivity – When patients are feeling ill, often their spirits are down as well. Healthcare employers are looking for candidates who can remain positive and bring that needed lift to patients when they aren’t at their best. Winning healthcare professionals in hospitals, clinics, and senior living communities are those who possess a bright outlook on the future and share that positivity with everyone around them.

3. Compassion – Above all else, the healthcare employers that we work with are looking for candidates who truly care about their patients and want to make a difference in their lives. If you can bring solid clinical skills to the table, while still maintaining a person-centered approach to your care, you will set yourself apart from many other candidates currently working in the industry.

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