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OTM: How to Tackle the Salary Conversation

Salary – it’s every employer’s favorite subject to discuss with candidates – right? If you’re anything like our other employer partners, you wouldn’t agree. Throughout the interview process you may have been able to get away with being vague or giving ranges, but when it comes to the offer and negotiating table – now the true conversation has to take place! Here are the top 3 tactics we use for handling the salary conversation during the screening, offer, and negotiation process:

  1. Understand Your Candidate’s Expectations – Developing a strong understanding at the outset of past salary history and expectations, sets the table for a solid offer amount that is in line with your budget. Tactful conversations during the initial screening process can start the ball rolling on understanding expectations.
  2. Remind Candidates of Their ENTIRE Compensation Package – Often employers forget to emphasize the additional benefits beyond the salary that are included with an employment offer. Valuing the benefits and sharing the salary offer, benefit package value, and the total value of the offer with the candidates can add the layer that’s needed to seal the deal with your chosen candidate.
  3. If Candidates Counter, Remind Them of the Potential Outcomes – Painting a clear picture of the risk and rewards of a counter can minimize back and forth and help candidates come to a faster positive decision on your offer. The truth is, when a counter offer is presented – you as an employer could react in 3 ways: accepting the counter, countering back with a higher/but non-matching offer, or rejecting the offer.

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