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OTM: How to Choose the Right Healthcare Recruiter

For many healthcare candidates and employers alike, selecting the right outside recruiter is critical to finding the next great position or candidate. With so many recruiters to choose from, what are the right questions to ask to ensure you’re choosing the right partner?

Here are our top 3 questions to ask:

1. What types of healthcare positions do you recruit for most frequently? If you’re a nurse or a hospital system looking for a nurse, you may want to avoid a recruiter that focuses mainly on recruiting mid-level primary care physicians or physical therapists. Because healthcare is such a broad industry, teaming up with a recruiter with the specific connections and experience that you’ll need can make all the difference.

2. What is your process for recruiting candidates & partnering with employers? If you aren’t shown a specific process for how a healthcare recruiter sources top talent and connects that talent with the right companies, you may want to continue your search. In healthcare, a personalized process that includes concrete steps for sourcing, screening, and providing you with regular updates is important.

3. What employers have you partnered with in the past? For candidates and employers alike, the answer to this question reveals the true connections that a recruiter has with top healthcare employers in the industry. These connections speak to the reputation, effectiveness, and overall quality of their recruiting work. You can often judge the quality of a recruiter by the company that they keep. 

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