Doctor of Medicine Jobs in Madison

Here are some featured Doctor of Medicine jobs in Madison that may interest you:

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More about Doctor of Medicine Jobs in Madison
Medical doctors are in high demand everywhere, including the Southern Wisconsin region. Qualified MDs have a variety of job options available to them. Determine what’s important to you and we’ll match you with the right MD job at the right employer. Here are some other important considerations:

Qualifications for Doctor of Medicine Jobs in Madison

To become a medical doctor in Wisconsin, most medical school applicants have completed a bachelor’s degree program. After being accepted and completing medical school, they choose a residency program based on their career interests. Before practicing medicine in Wisconsin, all doctors must obtain a license by passing the U.S. Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE).

Specialty Areas for Medical Doctors in Madison

There is a large number of doctor jobs in specialty areas available to MDs in Madison. These include anesthesiology, pediatrics, oncology, sports medicine, dermatology, orthopedic surgery, sleep medicine and more. Regardless of your area of expertise, we can work to find you the perfect job opportunity in Madison.

Work Environments for Medical Doctors in Madison

MDs in Madison practice in clinics, hospitals, laboratories, surgical outpatient centers, physician groups and a wide variety of settings. Wisconsin surgeons and anesthesiologists work in sterile environments while performing surgery, often standing for long periods of time. Their hours of typically long and somewhat irregular, with overnight and on-call responsibilities.

Duties for Medical Doctors in Madison

A doctor’s duties will vary based on the type of medicine they practice in Madison. In general, duties include seeing patients in an office-based setting, running tests as well as interpreting them, prescribing medications or treatments, doing rounds in an Wisconsin hospital, making notes on their patients’ physical condition, advising patients about how to stay healthy and talking to them about further needed treatments.

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