Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Boston

Here are some featured medical billing and coding jobs in Boston that may interest you:

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More about Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Boston
Medical billers and coders are in demand in the New England region. Qualified medical billers and coders have a variety of job options available to them. Determine what’s important to you and we’ll match you with the right billing and coding job at the right employer. Here are some other important considerations:

Qualifications for Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Boston

There are a number of medical billing and coding degree options to choose from in Boston. Certificate and diploma programs are available to Massachusetts billers and coders, and typically take nine months to a year to complete. Associate’s degree programs are available and last two years. Bachelor’s programs are 4-year programs that also provide a broader education curriculum. Make sure the program/school is accredited in order to receive medical billing and coding certification for your work in Massachusetts.

Work Environments for Medical Billings and Coding Jobs in Boston

Billers and coders in Suffolk County work in hospitals, clinics, physician offices, skilled nursing facilities, home care agencies and other medical settings. They are often removed from where patient care is taking place. Excellent concentration and focus is required regardless of the environment they are in, as they work to accurately code and bill with all types of Massachusetts patient charts.

Duties for Medical Billing and Coding Jobs in Boston

Medical billers and coders in Boston read patient charts to determine medical history, including diagnoses and treatments given. Based on these charts, they use a set of established medical codes that create a sort of “shorthand” view for Massachusetts health care providers and insurance companies. Attention to detail is important, as well as an understanding of billing codes, patient records/medical terminology, plus the ability to work independently for long hours, as well as have some interact with Massachusetts medical professionals.

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