Create VIRTUAL VIEW Video Job Postings

Showcase Your Open Positions with a FREE Professional Video

Capture the attention of top candidates by showing them what a day in the life of a career with your organization really looks like. Our professional video team will travel anywhere in the country to capture footage, edit and produce videos highlighting your top positions. We'll then post these videos along with your job descriptions on our website and invite interested candidates to apply. Through the power of video, you'll open new applicant's eyes to the possibility of working with your team! The best part - the service is COMPLETELY FREE to your organization! Get started by following our steps below.

5 Steps to Get Started

  1. Determine the Key 3-5 Roles You Would Like to Highlight - These are positions that we will create VIRTUAL VIEW Video Job Postings for - these should be positions that you post most often. See some examples of finished VIRTUAL VIEW Video Job Postings.
  2. Select Your Team Members for the Videos - Choose the hiring managers or other leaders you would like to have answer our VIRTUAL VIEW Video Job Postings - Interview Questions about each key position that you identify. Additionally, select team members who you would like our professional video team to film as they complete key tasks of their daily work (note: we won't be interviewing these individuals, we will simply be filming some passive video to give candidates a good impression and understanding of each job. 
  3. Schedule & Prepare for Your VIRTUAL VIEW Video Job Postings Filming Day - Use the form below to start the process. Filming will be conveniently held on-site at your organization or at whatever alternate site you specify. Work with team members who will be featured on camera prior to our team's arrival to ensure that are ready to answer the questions and be filmed at work.
  4. Complete Your Filming Day - Our team will spend 2-3 hours filming interviews with your select team members and recording work activities onsite. That's all there is to it!
  5. Receive Your Final Videos & GO LIVE! - We will diligently edit your videos and send you the final versions for approval. Once you've viewed and approved your videos, we'll post them along with your job descriptions and invite our top candidates to apply!  
  • Schedule Your VIRTUAL VIEW Video Job Posting

  • Once you submit this form, we will promptly reach out to you to confirm your filming date, coordinate all other details, and answer any additional questions you have.