How Do Healthcare Recruiting Agencies Work?

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How Do Healthcare Recruiting Agencies Work? On Time Talent Solutions breaks down the details on how recruiting agencies can help you. 

How Do Healthcare Recruiting Agencies Work?

A healthcare recruiting agency works by connecting employers with rising and top talent for permanent placement. Recruiting agencies network with a broad range of healthcare employers and build relationships with skilled professionals to meet employers' needs.

A healthcare recruiting agency can quickly and accurately launch your search. But how do recruiting agencies differ from staffing agencies? What can you expect as an employer or a job seeker?

How Do Staffing Agencies Differ from Recruiting Agencies?

Staffing agencies specialize in hiring candidates for short-term, temporary employment, such as per diem or contract jobs. However, recruiting agencies focus on permanent placement, including temp-to-hire positions at an employer’s request.

How Do Healthcare Recruiting Agencies Work with Employers?

Healthcare recruiting agencies partner with employers to find qualified workers. An October 2021 news release from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reveals that employment in healthcare has decreased by 460,000 since February 2020. If you are a healthcare employer, how can a recruiting agency help you find talent despite the high demand for workers?

Select a specialized recruiting agency

Not all agencies specialize in healthcare recruitment, so choose one that does. The benefits of selecting a healthcare recruiting agency include:

·   Access to a larger pool of the specialized talent you need.

·   Industry knowledge to understand your requirements.

·   Ability to evaluate candidates' skills and experience efficiently.

·   Increase hiring success.

Give detailed requirements

Before partnering with an agency, determine whether their services fit your company's needs. Contact the agency and plan to discuss details like:

·   Number of employees you will need to hire.

·   Position responsibilities.

·   Traits and behaviors required to excel in the position.

·   Your workplace culture.

Sign an agreement

Your agreement will include the terms of service from the healthcare recruiting agency and their fees. The cost of using a recruiting agency to hire employees usually results in saving you time and money in these ways:

·   Searching for highly skilled employees.

·   Vetting candidates.

·   Conducting initial evaluations.

·   Reducing the risk of hiring an employee who does not meet the position requirements or whose work style will not adapt to your organization's culture.

Start the search

When you are sure that you have clearly defined your needs, your healthcare recruiting partner will begin sourcing candidates with steps such as:

·   Posting the job opening.

·   Reviewing new and existing applicants' resumes.

·   Contacting and evaluating applicants.

If you choose to search for potential candidates, many healthcare recruiting agencies will give you access to a database to help you in your search. Some agencies even provide candidates' video resumes.

Conduct interviews, skills tests, and reference checks

Your recruiting specialist will conduct interviews with candidates who match your requirements. The specialist will clearly explain the job role and your company's culture and values during the interview. After the initial interviews, your recruiting partner will likely do the following:

·   Narrow the candidate selection and review it with you.

·   Engage you for conducting interviews and choosing your top candidates

·   Perform background checks.

·   Work with you to negotiate salary and benefits and extend the offer.

Bring the employee onboard

A healthcare recruiting agency can help you give new employees a smooth transition into the workplace. A Gallup survey shows that employees with positive onboarding experiences are 2.6 times more likely to be highly satisfied with their job. Your recruiting partner's assistance can benefit your organization by:

·   Closing gaps during onboarding.

·   Providing follow-up to ensure your employee is comfortable and feels welcome.

·   Increasing employee retention.

How Do Healthcare Recruiting Agencies Work with Candidates?

If you are a job seeker, a healthcare recruiting agency can help you identify opportunities in a workplace culture that value your skills and experience. They can make your job search less stressful and more exciting, and you can get access to job listings from top employers. What can you expect throughout the process?

Look for an agency that matches your goals

A recruiting agency that specializes in healthcare can connect you with clients in the industry. Employers look for specialized recruiting agencies, so you will benefit from signing up with an agency to help personalize your job search.

Register with the agency

Registering with a healthcare recruiting agency is free! If an employer hires you, they will pay the recruiting agency’s fee. Signing up with an agency includes uploading your resume to their website. Some websites ask you to create a profile with details beyond your resume.

If they request more information, what can help you stand out among other candidates?

·   Complete your entire profile.

·   Take advantage of options to record a resume video.

·   Keep your skills, training, and certifications updated in your profile.

·   Complete skills tests that the recruiting agency requests.

·   Enroll in training courses that the agency offers.

Apply for jobs

As a job seeker registered with a healthcare recruiting agency, you can search and apply for jobs that match your skills and interests. Also, the recruiting agency actively looks for skilled talent and will contact you when an opening matches your skillset and experience.

Discuss opportunities with a talent specialist

If your skills and experience match the job requirements, a talent specialist will contact you to confirm:

·   Position requirements

·   Your availability

·   Your interests

Prepare for interviews

A talent specialist from the healthcare recruiting agency will conduct an initial interview with you. If your skills and experience match the position requirements, the specialist may recommend you to the hiring manager. Also, the talent specialist will give you details like:

·   Whether the hiring manager decides to schedule a phone, video, or in-person interview with you

·   Tips on how to prepare for interviews with the employer

·   An update after the hiring manager interviews all candidates

Offer, negotiation, and onboarding

If an employer decides to hire you, they will work with the recruiting agency to offer you the position and negotiate pay and benefits. As your advocate, your talent specialist will complete tasks including:

·   Negotiate on your behalf

·   Explain the hiring process to you

·   Answer your questions

·   Give you a detailed agreement and new hire paperwork to complete and sign

Although a healthcare recruiting agency cannot guarantee you a job, it can be a reliable resource for finding your next opportunity.


If you are an employer or a job seeker interested in permanent placement, a healthcare recruiting agency can help you maximize your search. You can save time and money with a recruiting specialist's help and even reduce the risk of a mismatch between a job role and the employee.

On Time Talent Solutions specializes in healthcare staffing. For more than 20 years, we have helped organizations and candidates through the recruiting process. Contact us today for details about our innovative approach for speeding up the connection between employers and talented healthcare professionals at (763) 231-1402.

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