Referral Program

REFER A FRIEND – Earn Up to $600!

Do you know other clinicians who are looking for contract work or a new permanent position? Refer them to work for On Time Talent Solutions and earn a bonus after they complete a specified length of work for one of our employer partners:


Paid After First Contract/Temp Assignment Completed or After 90 Days in Permanent Role:

  • 120 – 210 Hours Worked in Contract/Temp Role = $200 Referral Bonus
  • 211 – 360 Hours Worked in Contract/Temp Role = $400 Referral Bonus
  • 361+ Hours Worked in Contract/Temp Role = $600 Referral Bonus
  • After 90 Days in Permanent Role = $600 Referral Bonus

Who’s Eligible to Receive Bonuses? All active On Time Talent current employees either working or eligible to work with full paperwork and credentialing completed may receive bonuses in our On Time Talent Candidate Referral Program.

Program Details:

  • There is NO LIMIT to the number of candidate referrals an On Time Talent employee may make.
  • If the same candidate is referred by two employees (and subsequently hired), only the employee or candidate submitting the earlier referral will receive the award.
  • The referrer must be considered an “Active” or “Eligible” employee with On Time Talent Solutions at the time the referral bonus is to be paid out.
  • Referral candidates for which a referral bonus has already been paid out on for contract work that have now converted to permanent employee status with the same employer, do not qualify the original referrer for an additional bonus payout.
  • A Referral Card or online form identifying the referrer must be on file prior to a referral being contacted to be eligible for a referral bonus payment. The bonus payout will be made in the next payroll period after the award is confirmed.
  • This program is subject to modification or revocation by management with or without notice. All program ambiguities or questions shall be resolved in accordance with management’s discretion.