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How to Shoot Your Virtual Talent Marketplace Video

Our Virtual Talent Marketplace introduces you to thousands of healthcare employers looking for someone like you for their open positions. Every day healthcare hiring managers login to view new Candidate Video Resumes and set up interviews with candidates just like you in just one click. Create & submit your Candidate Video Resume today by following our steps below:

Video on how to shoot your video resume

5 Steps to Create your Candidate Preview Video

1. Select Your Equipment

Your laptop or desktop computer with built-in camera is preferred, but even just your phone propped up horizontally against a solid object works great! You’ll shoot your Candidate Video Resume by recording yourself with the video recording software already loaded onto your device:

  • WINDOWS USERS: Simply use Windows Camera on video mode.
  • MAC USERS: Simply use your webcam & QuickTime.
  • CELL PHONE USERS: record your video with your built-in camera facing you.
2. Choose the Right Environment

Find a place to film your short candidate video that’s free of distractions and allows you to produce the best quality product. Consider:

  • LIGHTING – A room with natural light or good lighting that isn’t overpowering will be perfect for your video! Avoid dark shadows and make sure that your face can be seen well in the video.
  • LOCATION – Plan to film your video in a quiet, secluded place where your voice can easily be heard.
  • BACKGROUND – Choose a clean, basic background like a solid color wall. Avoid busy backgrounds as the focus should be on you for this video.
3. Prepare Yourself

Just a few minutes of prep time is all you need prior to filming your Candidate Video Resume. Make sure to make time for the following:

  • Review the Questions You’ll Answer During Your Video:
    • Why did you choose to work in your healthcare role?
    • What are three words that others would use to describe your work and why?
    • How do you try to create a great experience for your patients (clinical) or those you serve (administrative)?
    • How do you handle stressful work situations?
    • What would it take for you to move somewhere else for a job (Salary, location, organization, etc.)
    • What is your dream job in health care?
    • Describe a situation when you used a specific clinical skill in an urgent situation (clinicians only)
    • What area of medicine do you consider yourself a specialist in? Why? (clinicians only)
    • Why are you a great candidate choice for a healthcare employer?
  • Prepare Short Responses for Each Question – Your responses should be between 30-45 seconds.
  • Dress as You Would for an Interview – Your Candidate Video Resume often serves as your first introduction to new employers, so first impressions matter!
4. Film Your Video

Recording your video is easy when you follow these three steps:

  • Set Up Your Filming Area – Place your phone or laptophorizontally 3 feet away from you on a level surface. When answering our 7 interview questions, look either at the top right side of your computer screen, or if you’re using a phone then look at the opposite end of the camera.
  • Print out our 1 Page Questions Sheet – this has questions you want to answer and place this to the left of your camera. Don’t look directly at the camera, instead speak slightly off-camera in the direction of this sheet.
  • Shoot Your Entire Video in 1 Continuous Recording – Each of your answers should be 30-45 seconds long, if you want to re-shoot an answer, simply take a second to gather your thoughts and continue to record your response without stopping the recording. We’ll edit any mistakes out when we receive your one video file.
  • Let Your Confidence Shine Through – Don’t be nervous about how your video will end up because our professional video team will edit it to reflect your most confident, professional self!
5. Submit Your Video

The moment we receive your completed video, we’ll immediately send you a $15 Starbucks Gift Card electronically to your email address as a thank you for your completed video. Once you submit your video, our video production team will take it from there. Using state-of-the-art editing software, they will take your video and edit it complete with music and graphics to ensure that your best professional self is reflected for our employer partners.

Want to see your finished video? Let us know in the below form and we’ll ensure that you receive a link to view it after we’ve completed the editing process.

Have questions or need help as you film your video? Contact James, our Video Production Manager, at or 612-807-1284.

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