Indianapolis Continuing Education

Tuesday, April 9, 2019
3:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Indiana University School of Nursing
600 Barnhill Drive

Indianapolis, IN 46202

Hear Top Healthcare Speakers & Gain Industry Insights

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Join Indianapolis area MDs, RNs, LPNs, NPs, PAs, PTs, OTs, MSWs & other healthcare professionals for a can't-miss continuing education event featuring relevant topics that you care about presented by nationally recognized healthcare experts in a live, interactive format in your area!
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This COMPLIMENTARY EVENT allows you to:
Hear Top Healthcare Speakers
Attend this local LIVE continuing education event to hear the latest insights and research from America’s top healthcare authors, speakers, experts, professors, and researchers to help you take your healthcare knowledge to the next level. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet individuals at the forefront of innovation who are transforming the healthcare industry through their work.
Learn About Important Topics
From the opioid crisis to dementia care and beyond, our expert speakers discuss the most critical issues facing today’s healthcare providers. Whether you’re a clinician or work on the business side of healthcare, each of our sessions provide relevant insights that you can implement the moment you return to work.
Connect with Area Professionals
As you are staying up-to-date on the latest in healthcare research and best practices, you will be surrounded by like-minded professional peers. Seize the opportunity to make connections, build relationships, and engage in meaningful discussions.
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The Schedule

3:30 pm - Continuing Education Session 1

Clinical Continuing Education (for MDs, RNs, LPNs, NPs, PAs, PTs, MSWs, & OTs)

DOCUMENTATION & THE LAW: Documentation Tips & 5 Common Liability Concerns

  • Discuss documentation do's and don'ts and avoiding common pitfalls
  • Examine case studies of inadequate documentation in healthcare
  • Tips to address common documentation challenges for healthcare organizations
Tina Baxter, GNP
Legal Nurse Consultant, Baxter Professional Services Limited

Tina M. Baxter is an advanced practice registered nurse and a board certified gerontological nurse practitioner through the American Nurse Credentialing Center (ANCC), who resides in Anderson, Indiana. Mrs. Baxter has been a registered nurse for eighteen years and a nurse practitioner for 10 years. She is the owner of Baxter Professional Services, LLC, a consulting firm which provides legal nurse consulting services, wellness and chronic disease management coaching, and customized educational resources to healthcare organizations. She also is part owner of HIS Solutions Healthcare, LLC which provides a community Certified Nursing Assistant course, Home Health Aide training course, and a Qualified Medication Aide training for which she serves as the program director. She was recently employed at American Health Network in Muncie, Indiana as a nurse practitioner where she served six different skilled care and assisted living facilities. She is currently working at Adult and Child Health in Indianapolis, focusing on the mental health needs of adults and geriatric patients. Mrs. Baxter has a Master of Nursing in Nursing Education and a post-master’s as a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner from the University of Indianapolis (Indianapolis Indiana). She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology from Taylor University (Upland, IN) and a Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing from Anderson University (Anderson, IN). Mrs. Baxter has taught on both the undergraduate and graduate level in nursing and she continues to mentor nursing and nurse practitioner students during their clinical rotations. Mrs. Baxter has presented for PESI in the past in the area of ‘Challenging patient behaviors”. She has presented other topics in the past at conferences and symposiums, “Older Adult Addictions and Intervention Strategies” (poster presentation), “The Role of the NP/PA when the patient is receiving Opioid Medications” (CME presentation), and “Women and Alcohol: Their Experience with Addiction Across the Lifespan” (original research).

4:30 pm - Break
4:45 pm - Continuing Education Session 2

Clinical Continuing Education (for MDs, RNs, LPNs, NPs, PAs, PTs, MSWs, & OTs)

HOW IN BLUE BLAZES DID THIS HAPPEN? Discovering pieces of your life's puzzle and igniting your deepest potential to make a difference

  • Identify at least 4 pieces of your past that contribute to what motivates you today
  • Realize at least one personal struggle that makes you a better person today
  • Express how your understanding of yourself can make a difference to others who cross your path
Mark Herbkersman
Author, Therapist & Speaker

Mark Herbkersman was born in 1959 and lived the average life until his family moved to North Idaho. He discovered the wonders of the mountains and a different viewpoint on life. He also became exposed to Louis L'Amour and a host of other westerns. His journey has taken him through college and grad school, with degrees in History and Counseling Psychology. He has worked in the court system in various roles, been a college instructor and seminar presenter. He is an ordained pastor and currently resides in Indiana, working as a hospice chaplain. His writing is inspired by a lifetime of eclectic reading habits and by Zig Ziglar, who said, "Most men go to their graves with their dreams still inside them." He determined not to be one of those who talk about it but never get it done!

5:45 pm - Break
6:00 pm - Continuing Education Session 3

Clinical Continuing Education (for MDs, RNs, LPNs, NPs, PAs, PTs, MSWs, & OTs)

THE COMPANIONSHIP CULTURE: Resident/Caregiver Engagement Through Life Stories

  • A motivational message designed to honor healthcare professionals from the patient’s perspective of a Health Facility Administrator
  • Engaging keynote designed to reignite your memberships calling to serve humankind as a healthcare professional
  • Bring awareness to the rise of isolation in the senior community and its impact on physical and mental health outcomes
  • The power of life stories and their potential to reduce isolation and improve outcomes
Jerald Cosey, HFA
Keynote Speaker, J. Cosey Speaks
Executive Director, American Senior Communities

Jerald Cosey is the Executive Director of Greenwood Meadows, a 166 Bed Skilled Nursing Facility located outside Indianapolis, IN. Jerald is a recognized speaker in the health care industry. Before earning his Health Facility Administrator license in 2014, he had a successful 25-year sales career with corporations like Philip Morris USA and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals. Joining Pfizer in 1999, he quickly advanced to leadership as a District Sales Manager. Jerald's sales team earned him twice the District Sales Manager of the Year award; moreover, the Four-Time Recipient of the Vice Presidents Management Club Award. Jerald founded an outreach service ministry, Graceful Moments, focused on minimizing isolation within the senior community in 2009, sparking his career change to senior care in 2013. Jerald graduated from Kentucky State University in 1990 with a BA in Business Administration. Jerald met his wife of 24 years at Kentucky State University, and together they are raising three children.

7:00 pm - Event Ends
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Healthcare professionals within the following disciplines should attend:

Physicians (MDs & DOs)
Registered Nurses (RNs)
Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs)
Nurse Practitioners (NPs)
Physician Assistants (PAs)
Physical Therapists (PTs)
Occupational Therapist (OTs)
Therapy Assistants (PTAs & COTAs)
Administrators & Executive Directors
Director of Nursing (DONs)
Social Workers (MSWs)
Medical Billers & Coders
Marketing & Sales Professionals
Other Non-Clinical Roles
Space is LIMITED!
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