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Welcome to a different type of healthcare staffing firm, where talent comes first and our integrity is more important than the bottom line. At On Time Talent Solutions, we know you have options when it comes to who you turn to for advice and assistance as you build your healthcare career. We serve as your trusted advisor because we know that we’re successful only when you’re successful. Wherever you are on your career journey, turn to us to provide the support you need to bring your healthcare career to the next level.

Our Process

From our personalized introductory consultation to customized healthcare job sourcing on your behalf, we’re your long-term, trusted advisor and career development partner. Our systematic C.A.R.E.E.R. Search Process allows candidates to provide some basic insights and information to our firm. Then we develop and execute a customized employment search program for you on your behalf. Here’s how it works:


We’ll sit down with you either in-person or virtually and understand your experience, qualifications, and most importantly the path that you envision as you continue your career.


Immediately following our initial consultation, we’ll assess your experience along with the current positions that we are sourcing for our employer partners. We will give you an honest assessment of whether or not there is an immediate opportunity available. If there is, we’ll take action to set up the next appropriate steps with that employer. If there isn’t, we’ll continue to prepare you for the next perfect fit.


After our consultation and initial assessment of available opportunities, we’ll begin a process of working with you to refine your career search tools. Leveraging our career development resources, we’ll provide you with feedback to help you tailor your resume, cover letter, and supporting materials to the positions and organizations you’re most interested in.


After we’ve helped you craft the best possible career search toolkit, we begin to evaluate opportunities with existing and new employer partners. Our goal is to submit your resume and build a personal connection with key decisions makers on your behalf for all of the positions that align with your expertise and long-term career interests.


We will work with you to help you successfully execute phone screens, in-person interviews, and all additional steps in the employment process – gaining feedback from our employer partners involved in your hiring process and passing it on to you to strengthen your overall opportunity to be hired for the positions that interest you most. When presented with an offer, we’re there to support you in negotiations to ensure it’s the best possible package to meet your needs.


Once you’ve landed the next right position for your career, we stay in contact with you to ensure that you’re comfortably transitioning into your new role. We will review your experience with our firm and determine the next right steps for our partnership. As you continue to develop in your career, we’re available when you need us to review new opportunities and support you on your journey of professional growth.