Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail

July 2nd, 2019      1699
Besides ironing your clothes, remember these oft-overlooked but easy tips!


Tomorrow is an important day.  Persistence has paid off and you have an interview for a new job.  Good work!  Now what?

Too often meeting our short term goals of getting an interview causes us to relax our guard, particularly if someone has been lucky enough to schedule out several interviews on their calendar.  It seems so easy, simply dress nice and weigh the competing offers. 

Not so fast.  Here are three important things to do before every interview.  There’s more than three, of course.  These are easy items that can slip the mind of the most experienced professional. 


1.        Map out or even drive the route to the interview.  Last minute road construction changes could make you late or worse, appear rushed and disheveled.  Parking ramps can be full; can you arrive early and have a cup of coffee within walking distance to collect your thoughts? 


2.       Prepare some specific questions about the company.  The difference between someone who has done some research about the company they are applying at and polite pleasantries is incredibly obvious.  Ask something tough, a real question, before you decide to commit your life to a company.  Don’t base decisions on economic reasons alone. 


3.       Be prepared to discuss the company’s benefits package and retirement plan.  If they don’t mention a 401K in their advertisement, ask about it.  What about the matching contribution?  Do not leave without knowing what their match is, or using the lack of one to bargain for a higher salary. 


There are many ways a candidate for a job can be remembered.  What they didn’t do is often remembered more than what they actually said.  An interviewer doing several interviews a day may happen to remember the candidate that asked if there was a public transportation benefit.  Remembering these easy items will ensure you are making an impression as a professional, not a pushover.  

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