Eat the Frog

June 27th, 2019      958

A simple mind trick for being effective at work.  Not a Jedi mind trick, yet by reordering how one tackles their objectives, they can build consistency & momentum.  




Today may be the first day in your job search, or perhaps not.  Either way what you do today to be more effective will lead to a better outcome, regardless of where you are in your journey.  And who wouldn’t want to be effective in every day of their lives?  Whether it is remembering to buy orange juice at the store to turning reports in early, effectively managing situations or tasks is a crucial part of life. 

Being effective is a habit, except without the negative repercussions that come from eating an extra cookie.  Not all habits have to be bad.  Compensate for that extra cookie with a walking habit.  If embracing opportunity makes sense, then today is the best time to start habitually being effective.  Sounds great, right?  Clearly the intention of rational people is to be effective, and though life happens, this is how to do it. 

Eat the frog. 

Uncomfortable image, isn’t it?  That’s alright, it makes it easy to remember.  What this means is making the first task you do the hardest.  Don’t put off the most challenging part of your day until the afternoon.  Don’t dread a difficult task, attack it and you’ll be relaxed the rest of the day.  Again, visualize the mnemonic-

Eat the frog. 

And now you won’t forget this very simple step to a more effective tomorrow.  By prioritizing a challenging task and starting the day with a solid accomplishment, that’s momentum.  Make it a daily habit, starting today, even at your existing job.  It is a simple and consistent shortcut to being more effective. 

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