Humble Beginnings

The foundation for On Time Talent Solutions started over 20 years ago with the establishment of a home health care agency in Minneapolis / St. Paul metropolitan area that soon realized the tremendous need to hire top clinical talent to staff their growing organization. Through the next two decades, this business continued to grow by nurturing new and existing relationships with nurses, therapists, and social workers and built a strong pool of local talent.


More successful healthcare businesses soon flourished to support their growth. This led to recruiters venturing into new areas including sourcing for primary care professionals like doctors, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners. A strong community of talented candidates all with experience in the healthcare field was built. With this infrastructure, the time was right to begin providing recruiting services to other companies and candidates, both locally and nationally, that needed the right partner to assist them in achieving success in their talent acquisition and job seeking efforts.

An Innovative Concept in Talent Acquisition

In 2015, the firm hired key leaders to establish a stronger brand presence, define goals, and take it to the next level of performance. Leveraging the existing local relationships they had with employers while building new national relationships with candidates and employers from Colorado to California and beyond, the firm began to expand its reach. Establishing strong values rooted in concepts of transparency, accountability, and efficiency, this new leadership team set out to build a pioneering new kind of talent acquisition company.

The Future

From candidate searches ending in strong hiring decisions in less than a week, to national employers reaching out for help from this Twin Cities-based recruiting team, On Time Talent Solutions continues to grow and thrive. Future plans include staff expansion, office expansion, and the addition of several employer partners to the firm’s current network. For employers and candidates alike, it’s a great time to be connecting with On Time Talent Solutions.