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Temporary Staff

We understand that at times your healthcare organization may need to hire temporary staff to handle increased business demand or as a major component of your long-term staffing model. Temporary staffing allows you to be flexible and efficient in your approach to staffing. Not sure if temporary staffing is the right move for your organization? Take our simple quiz below.

Is Temporary Staffing Right for Your Organization?

Answer the following six questions to determine if your organization could benefit from our temporary staffing solutions:

  1. Are there peak workload periods during your year where additional staff, beyond your full-time team, could be used effectively to get the job done?
    YES   NO
  2. Do you need someone that possesses specialized skills in a specific area for an assignment, but can’t justify hiring a full time employee to fulfill that need?
    YES   NO
  3. Is your healthcare organization in need of CNAs or RNs in large volumes and are looking for a solution that will allow you to supply this demand without the additional expenses that would be incurred by hiring a full-time, in-house employee?
    YES   NO
  4. Do you have a “busy season” in which more hands are needed to accomplish the work?
    YES   NO
  5. Could your full time employees use the morale boost of having an extra set of hands to get some of their work done?
    YES   NO
  6. Do you wish you were able to hire another person, but have avoided doing so because of the additional costs beyond salary (benefits, HR expenses, etc.) associated with having another full time employee on staff?
    YES   NO

If you answered “YES” to two or more of these questions, Get Started Now to determine how we can best work together on your temporary staffing needs.