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OTM: Top Tips When Preparing For Phone Screens

After you get a healthcare employer’s attention with your resume, often the next step on your journey to getting an offer is a phone screen. This step in the process is critical to your success as a candidate as it gives your prospective employer an idea of who you are as a person – your personality, attitude, expertise, and the skills that you bring to the table. Here are the top 3 recommendations that we make to our candidates when preparing for phone screens:

1.    Have the Right Info on Hand – The beauty of a phone screen is that you can have all of your notes right in front of you and refer to them regularly. Use this to your advantage! Information like the job description, preferred qualifications, and additional research you’ve done on the organization can come in handy as you demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in this first conversation with your potential new employer. 

2.    Be in the Right Environment – It’s tempting to take a phone screen call anywhere, but the location you choose is more important than you may think. Finding a quiet place free of distractions – like children crying, dogs barking, or loud conversations around you – will allow you to put your best foot forward in a focused conversation that is truly free of interruptions. 

3.    Smile Over the Phone – Believe it or not, your prospective employer on the other end of that phone can hear your smile! Often even having a mirror handy to watch yourself while you interact during a phone interview can be helpful. As you connect in conversation, keeping a positive attitude, upbeat tone of voice, and natural smile will help you communicate the confidence that your future employer is looking for. 

For more tips on acing your phone screens and help getting connected to top healthcare employers interested in hiring you, get started today.