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OTM: How to Get Your Resume Noticed

A well-crafted resume is often your ticket to a job interview, yet healthcare professionals often don’t take the time to ensure that their resume will get the attention that it deserves from top healthcare employers. Here are the top 3 things that we look for in a resume that is truly ready to be presented to employers: 

  1. Use Keywords – Many larger healthcare systems use automated recruitment software that matches keywords in candidate resumes with those found in the job description. Keywords like “caseload” or “quality control”, if also used in the job description, could be integrated into your resume for a winning match and secure you that first interview.  Take the time to tailor your resume to the specific opportunity you’re applying for.
  2. Highlight Applicable Life Experiences – Many candidates that we work with have interests and hobbies that have shaped their passion for a career in healthcare. What are those for you? Are you an avid runner? Do you volunteer? Including applicable life experiences outside of work shows that you’re not only a great candidate, but also a well-rounded person committed to caring for others, and your own self-care as well.
  3. Demonstrate Relevancy In the Face of Change

As a healthcare professional, you know how fast-paced ever-changing this industry truly is. From learning new technology to understanding updated policies and practices, your resume should demonstrate how you’re staying relevant in a dynamic environment.

If you’re a healthcare professional in need of help to improve your resume and get connected to top healthcare employers interested in hiring you, get started today.