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OTM: How to Effectively Open and Close Your Interviews

All’s well that ends well (and begins well for that matter). Nowhere is this more true than in your candidate interviews. Here are the top ways to open and close your interviews most effectively to portray the best company and brand image while creating a great experience for your candidate:

1. Open with a Warm Welcome – A few minutes of a “Getting to know you” conversation helps ease nervousness and helps to bring a calm head and clarity to a candidate. Only then will you see them truly at their best during the interview.

2. Close with a Sincere Thank You – Whether you’re interested in the candidate or not after the interview, remember that they took the time to come and meet with you. A little show of appreciation goes a long way. Additionally, make sure they know the next steps and timing of the process, so no one is left in the dark.

A few tweaks or additions to the beginning and end of your interview leaves top candidates with a great feeling about your brand and organization. If they do end up being the one that you want to hire, they will be that much closer to accepting your offer.

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