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OTM: 3 Ways to Help Your Company Attract Top Talent

In today’s competitive marketplace, candidates have options. Today’s candidates are on a quest to understand why they should join your team – how are you helping them answer this question? Here are our top 3 areas to focus on:

 Environment – What do your top team members love about their workplace environment? Sharing this information or inviting candidates in for a “ride-along” will provide them with the info they need about your environment.

 People – Introducing candidates to your team in both formal interview settings and informal meet & greet environments allows candidates to get to know your team and see if they are like-minded individuals who will work well together.

 Management Style – Being candid with your candidates during the interview process about how you lead and manage, will give them the insights they need to truly determine how well you will work together.

Remember – your candidates are evaluating where they will spend 40+ hours per week working and you’re evaluating who you will hire for the best long-term organizational fit. Transparency, honesty, and an accurate and complete picture will always help you find the very best talent in every situation.

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