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OTM: 3 Rules to Match Candidates With Your Openings

“We just need SOMEONE, ANYONE to fill this position…NOW!” Have you ever heard this “calm” sentiment from the people inside your organization? So, how do you identify the right talent that matches your open position to avoid another mad scramble to fill it soon again?

Here are our top 3 rules to remember:

• Rule #1: Know The Role – What are the real responsibilities of the position that you’re hiring for? Anything BEYOND the job description that’s needed? What does your organization ACTUALLY need this person to be able to do? Be specific.

• Rule #2: Define Your Superstar – Did you have a former team member that was a star player in this role? What attributes did they have? How did they create their own success and avoid major failures? Knowing this information will help you establish a profile for the type of candidate you need.

• Rule #3: Determine Your Must-Haves – Is there specific experience you must see in a candidate’s background for this role and what areas are you willing to train on? Knowing your must-haves will help you identify only candidates that have what it takes to deliver in the role.

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