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OTM: 3 Mistakes to Avoid in an Interview

Whenever you step into an in-person interview, nerves can be a reality – especially if the position is one that you really want. Often the healthcare candidates that we work with put much more pressure on themselves in an interview than any employer interviewing them would. Relax and avoid our top 3 interview mistakes:

1. Not Understanding the Role – Take some time prior to your interview to read through the job description and truly understand what the employer is looking for. Candidates who come prepared with a thorough understanding of what’s expected of them will make the best impression on prospective employers.

2. Not Doing Your Research on the Company – Ensuring that you know the background of the company that you’re interviewing with can make a big difference in shaping a positive impression of you with the employers that you interact with. Understanding the services and unique culture of the organization and articulating them during your interview can help you shine as a candidate. Spend time on their website – it can pay dividends in your quest to secure the role.

3. Not Asking Questions that Demonstrate Your Interest – After the employer has asked their questions, they will probably ask you if you have any questions. The wrong response is: “No – I think you answered everything.” The right response is to ask them some well-crafted, intelligent questions regarding their hopes for the next person in the role and their goals for the future. Focusing on what the organization needs in your questions demonstrates that you not only are interested in the role, but that you are interested in furthering the success of the organization. It’s also terrific if you can tailor some questions to your specific audience. For example, “As the administrator, how will you interact with the person in this role?”

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